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Stained Glass

  • Suncatchers
  • 3D stained glass
  • Boxes
  • Custom creations
  • Made in the U.S.A.
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New Age Supplies

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About our Stained Glass

Your home is your castle. It is your refuge from the busy outside world; it's where you relax and recharge. You work hard to maintain it, and you deserve for it to reflect your creativity and taste.

Genuine stained glass enhances light in ways that film, paint, and plastic simply can not. Swirled glass makes a window come alive with rippling patterns, textured glass can improve privacy, and the varying opacity of translucent glass allows you to take control the natural illumination flowing in your rooms. Be your design needs simple or exquisite, custom stained glass can bring something unique into your home like no other decor.

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